Our business centre is designed to facilitate your work

In the design of our different offices, we always pose a series of questions.

If the person comes by car, will they need their own parking space? Can we offer them free WIFI? How can we make the office more comfortable? Let’s imagine that we’re the client… Would it be easier to have a meeting room with a TV? If we were the business professional, what type of rental contract might we want?

Questions like these help us to improve the workspaces we offer, and experience has taught us that only by asking these fundamental questions can we come up with the right answers.

And thanks to these answers, we can create the best possible workspace for you.

We have 30 years’ experience
designing business centres.
We wouldn’t have got where
we are today without taking a series
of key aspects into consideration.

Quality of life
We offer a selection of superbly-located, modern, customizable offices in one of the loveliest spots in the Mediterranean. We want your working environment to contribute to your quality of life.

One of Novacentro’s big benefits is the collaborative relationship among its different business professionals. Our business centre is a home to many different kinds of business, and by networking Novacentro’s workers can make optimum use of their time and efforts.

In a constant state of evolution
Keeping up to date is one of our priorities: facing up to new challenges and making ongoing improvements, to the main benefit of our clients.